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If you are looking at blank cassettes on the web, you may be very confused at the difference in price You may see some for as low as each.

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Product and Services:

  • International Transfers
  • Make Payments
  • Bill Payments

Account Sign Up Requirements:

  • Indentity Card
  • 15 years old
  • Deposit of 12,500 AOA

Platform Technology

Our app is compatible with IOS and Android systems.

Other features includes:

  • Powerful Rest API
  • Safety
  • Full Socail networking features
  • Notifcations
  • Real time chat


Team MA

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Carlos Bastos

Online management

Jaime Teixeira

Supervisor & Marketing

Leonel Pascoal

Public relations and business to business

Luanda, Angola

Rua Américo boa vida casa # 23a Bairro Ingombota

[email protected]

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